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For us, it is very important not to fill up the website with banners, and in this sense We refuse to feature advertisements that have nothing to do with our content, nor we want to depend on nonsense sponsored posts. This is why we are looking for truly partnerships with people who believe in Roomique. People who enjoy the website, and feel comfortable with a web that is not filled with advertisements, a web which content is built in detail and always with the expectations of getting better and better, day after day.

Surely we will look for sponsors if we find this is needed, but we will make sure to feel comfortable with them, so we will chose brands that believe in this project, the same way that we will believe in them.

Roomique is by far more than just a magazine, a virtual showroom, and a online plattform. ROOMIQUE is everything, everything, that the mainstream media jut can’t or won’t do. Its not easy to write all things down what we can do for you, but we are sure, we will find out, when you meet us.

We deliver a very unique and personal service through our strong network. The ROOMIQUE AGENCY guides brands and organisations through the busy, broad worlds of culture and communication. Helping the next generation of creatives make better career by supporting, inspiring and informing them of the breadth of opportunities that exist in the creative industry.