The ROOMIQUE Network is a European Cooperative Organization (SCE) (in founding)

We believe that good quality standards of membership are extremely important to maintaining the integrity and standards of its membership. Entry to the ROOMIQUE Network will be limited to those designers and artists who have a body of artistic / creative work that can be classed as traditional craftsmanship and/or unique in nature, which also shows a high level of experience, competence, technique, build quality and originality. The individual service, medium or craft can take many forms, according to artistic expression.

The ROOMIQUE Network was founded to support: local manufacturing, traditional and modern craftsmanship, individual arts and services, innovative technologies along sustainable design, high end bespoke manufacturing, designing or distributed manufacturing with a sense for social context, local and global impacts. has developed a unique system for evaluating premium partners and trustful companies, based on the quality they present and the level of services they offer to their customers. Most information posted on is thoroughly researched by us and we recheck our partners / company profiles on a regular basis. A membership can be revoked at the discretion of ROOMIQUE if a member is considered not to upheld the quality or ideology of the Roomique philosophy.



Membership of an organization can be an important asset in many businesses. It costs a considerable amount of money for an individual or a small company to build a comparable reputation for quality with such a strong corporate identification. Each member will be helping the ROOMIQUE Network to maintain these high standards at all times. Our undertakings are various and adhere to professional standards in creative services, marketing and international sales. ROOMIQUE Partners enjoy a variety of marketing, sales service and public relations systems and services, that include print, events, newsletter, online and combination web-hybrid formats. Joint Ventures within the network and other networkpartners – afford members the opportunity to engage in hands on creating new products and business models.

WHAT WE OFFER FOR MEMBERS: /.de /.art and many other subdomains or special interest publications serves as a platform to inform an international and demanding clientele about exclusive offers, to realize visions and to promote the collaboration between designers, architects, craftsmen and clients. The ROOMIQUE platform focuse on the distribution and marketing of outstanding craftsmanship and creative service, as well as the development and marketing of exceptional design and art objects.

  • Our objective is to make selling members work easier and to making their business more effective. Therefore Roomique interacts as Agent, promoting members, their services and products to potential clients. We try to connect producers with collectors, shops, enthusiasts, other designers the way we feel it fits together. (this service is always based on an individual committment)
  • We guarantee a full dedicated, seo-optimized page on ROOMIQUE with images, biography,
    portfolio showcase and contact details that is updated fast and regularly.
  • E-Commerce Website to sell members creations online – virtual showroom (Roomique as trader)
  • Monthly Newsletters presents opportunites to all members to promote exhibitions and products.
  • Opportunity to post company related news over and its connected social media channels.
  • Opportunity to have work featured on different Roomique publications (individual offer)
  • Active Social Media advertising / following, cross posting, reposting across the internet.
  • Website Design facilities available. Personal Websites or landing pages created from scratch at extremely competitive rates (individual offer)
  • Sales and advertising opportunities and discounts forwarded to members when received.
  • Continuously working to promote membership and quality message
  • Joint ventures to join trade shows and exhibitions
  • By championing the most exciting and engaging work online, in print and through our very personal network activity, we open up this world to the widest possible audience and to the most potential customers.




Join as partner with a professional account. Pay for 12 month to an introductury price and receive up to 24 months of premium partnership. (till Dec. 2020)

560 € for designers, architects, single craftsmen & creative individuals (till Dec. 2020)

950 € for small companies, dealer and manufacturers (4-15 employes) (till Dec. 2020)

1.580 € for international & established brands (till Dec. 2020)

On each membership contribution we invest 250 € in personalized google adwords for your business profile and products.

Optionally bookable services

Professional translation of your presentation in: English, French, Italian, Russian.

Ask for an offer.

360 ° Virtual tour of the company (Google Streetview) Or a standalone solution independent of Google. In collaboration with

3D in the web browser
Show your designs/ 3D files interactively staged in most Internet web browsers. To be displayed on and any other websites.

Social Media Spreadings and PR Services

Roomique not only shares content on different social media channels, but also distributes content across many other platforms and magazines
• We write press releases and blog posts for you
• We share your news / products across Social Media Channels

Corporate Video | Vlog | Podcast

Video documentation for the Roomique channels and other video platforms. In collaboration with high professional video artists.
starting at 2.200€ incl. distribution