The philosophy of Roomique is aiming for a new definition of luxury.
The real luxury lifestyle is about sustainable living, conscious consumption, responsible unwinding, relaxing and making a statement with quality in every sense. It is not about the bling, but about real, inspiring, custom made, personal things that offer value for customer and maker and that are GOOD and ORIGINAL in every sense.

Room for Uniqueness

ROOMIQUE is your catalys for creating and delivering unique arts and crafts that drive your imagination. Whatever you explore on ROOMIQUE,  it was or will be made by someone who use their inner talents, combined with their education and experience to make something that would last and that is important to them.

Our exclusive community brings passionate people and enthusiasts together. It is hard to find these rare local experts, but it is worth every effort to meet and work with so passionate, creative and knowledgeable people.

Quality Isn’t Expensive, It’s Priceless

Bringing Ideas To Life

At ROOMIQUE we are immensely proud of our growing network of designers, manufacturer and artists, which enables the involved, to design and manufacture bespoke products of all kinds. From bespoke artwork through custom versions of extraordinary furniture. Pure Creativity and Expert hands join together in an orchestrated manner to bring to life what was once visualized on paper.

Quality and originality is our members very reputation.

We are on a quest to discover true Craftsmen in today’s world.

Locally and individual-personal produced items are not only better for the environment and for their own quality of life, but also a piece of preservation and promotion of tradition and cultural heritage. Today`s society is about to loose its ability to appreciate the quality and the fact that someone put part of themselves into that creation. At ROOMIQUE, we want to cultivate the sense for individual quality.

Tradition meets innovation

Sustainable Rare and Exclusive Materials

We pride ourselves on focusing on the best and finest materials of the highest quality standards by carefully inspecting and testing them. We strive to perfection in every piece we are involved by paying attention to the smallest detail.

With Love for Perfection

Every piece on ROOMIQUE is the result of the combined craftsmanship of dedicated artisans whose attention to detail can only be labeled as an obsession to achieve perfection. At ROOMIQUE, we believe that every single one of the distributed products and service are made with love and care for you, our clients who understands the value of impeccable workmanship.