Join the first class in design- and quality oriented sales business

The ROOMIQUE NETWORK covers the broad field of art and design, architecture and craftsmanship in a discerning manner and present designers, architects and artisans with outstanding technical skills, who approach this subject in a particularly unique and original way. Our high artistic standards are supported by an equally high standard of presentation and service. If you can contribute high-class works of your own, we would be pleased to hear from you.

Its not important whether you are a professional company or just a “do it for your passion creator.” As long as your creations are outstanding, at least far over average in style, quality, creativity or both, we are glad to work with you.


ROOMIQUE Platform is more than a marketplace, it is different !

The ROOMIQUE NETWORK websites are not like usual marketplaces! Its really an exclusive network. We prefer to work close with the creators and to work with artists, designers, craftsmen, manufacturers, who are able to deliver on location services and custom solutions. We want to support and distribute High End bespoke manufacturing and distributed manufacturing.


Processing of orders / handling of sales / payouts

Depending on the client or the project, we might evaluate individual payment terms. Same on price requests, or bespoke orders, You will receive a copy of any related product request. Roomique takes care on customer service and individual offers in relation with You as supplier. Depending on the individual order, wether it is a single item order or collective order, the shipping country, the project demands, shipping can be arranged by You or Roomique. Depending on the case, we will figure out, what is best.

Orders processed over the Roomique e-commerce platform are on behalf of Roomique. You will be immediately informed about a sale over our automatic mail alerts. The most products are usually sold by full payment in advance. You will be paid, when we got payed. If an order is payed via credit card, you receive your money minus the commission within 14 days over our credit card processor. On payments via PayPal you receive your money within 4 -10 days. If there is any other payment solution such as cash, invoice, installments, bitcoin or others, we take care to pay you within 25 days after the order is confirmed by customer. Payment to you can be then arranged individually: cash, via PayPal or bank transfer.


What can I sale over the ROOMIQE NETWORK

You can sell almost any item, as long as it inherits at least 3 of our criteria:

one of a kind artwork, furniture, car, boat, whatever…
custom made and made to order
highest quality in its class
rare items or limited editions
produced with latest innovative technology
produced using traditional craftsmanship
sustainable mostly local production
manufactured with high artistic skills and creativity

Lets talk about rates

Our cooperations and its contracts are as individual as your products and the projects we do with you.
Depending on style and product design there are too many parameter to state fixed commissions. But we are sure, we offer attractive and most faire agreements in the market. Depending on the business-category, partnership agreement, or product strategy, the commission for the plattform and our marketing efforts usually varies between 15% and 60%.

There are many factors that influence the commission:

the class of business / product (furniture, art, technology …)
is the item a one of a kind or part of an edition or made to order
Is the item designed by you and produced exclusive by Roomique or for Roomique
Is the item a collaborative work between many members of the Roomique Network
was the item sold over Roomique Ecommerce platform or over our showroom partners (split of commissions)
is the item exclusive available for the Roomique platform
are you a premium member of the Roomique network
is the item part of any tailordered marketing activities
does the customer or the supplier needs an invoice and so on..


Affiliate Agreements for custom services (Designer, Architects, Manufacturer):

For referred project clients we charge a individual commission from the net. sales price. Referred customers data are saved to Roomique for a period of 24 month.


Do I need to become a premium member to sell my items over Roomique?

The answer is NO. If you have just one or a few one of a kind creations, private collectibles or an estate you plan to sell, it doesnt make sense to become a premium member of the Roomique Network Of Rare Individuals.  As long as we think your items are worth selling, we get you covered.  – Get in touch with us.

Advantages in becoming a member

Benefits for members.

Membership of an organization can be an important asset in many businesses. If you take your passion serious, we are glad to help you.  Therefore, we promote our members with individual concepts and consulting. We share creative ideas and try our best to connect you with the right clients, suppliers, projects, or even sponsorships from new material suppliers.

we join international events and trade shows
we work with galeries and design stores
we publish books and special interest magazines
we acquire new architectural projects
we connect you with design hotels and other hot spots
we promote your works on a professional level