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We deliver a very unique and personal service through our strong network. The ROOMIQUE AGENCY guides brands and organisations through the busy, broad worlds of culture and communication. Helping the next generation of creatives make better career by supporting, inspiring and informing them of the breadth of opportunities that exist in the creative industry.

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Office for the realization of very special ideas

The ROOMIQUE STUDIO was founded as a creative collective in 2015. While our Staff is small, our network is mighty. In house, we provide interieur design, product development, creative and art related services which are always individual to the client and project needs. Our partners are artists, designer, manufacturers and other creative people with amazing skill sets. What they all have in common, is their passion and love for the things they to.

We are agents for the senses.  Our mission is to truly reflect the personality of our clients with pieces they absolutely love. We serve customers for whom the motto of individuality is essential. As well as customers who are looking for something special and who place high demands on craftsmanship, design and quality.