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Art Düsseldorf 2017

Impressions from 2017 Art Fair Düsseldorf

foto: Sebastian Drüen


foto: Sebastian Drüen


foto: Sebastian Drüen


The location
By selecting Duesseldorf’s Areal Böhler as the venue of Art Düsseldorf, the fair has positioned itself very well in an ambience different from traditional trade fairs.

The show itself
For the first big Art Fair in Düsseldorf it was an impressive range of regional and international artists and galleries. But in the end, it was just an art fair like many others. Showcasing mainly wall-art. You could see and buy the whole range of art, from total crap to real artistic works, from 3.000 to “better dont talk about”.

What I missed
I missed real innovations and extraordinary artistic skills, such as photorealistic art.  I missed works of pure deliberate provocation and works with political statement and critical of society. I missed interesting titles, there were so many works untiteld.

What I found:

The architectural photography of Markus Brunetti impressed me a lot.
The sculptures of Pablo Atchugarry impressed me a lot.
I like Resplandores from Carmen Calvo.
The Circles from Anoka Faruqee impressed me a lot.
In my opinion, one of the most impressive works was the wooden bowl by artist Hiroyuki Masuyama.

Galleries / Artists

Impressions from 2017 Düsseldorf Art Fair

Due to the nature of the show and its content, we do not supply detail pictures or portraits of exhibited works.

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