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Art Fair meets Cars and Glamour : „Sexy from the rear view“ Oct. 27th, 2012

“ART FAIR meets Cars and Glamour : Sexy from the rear-view

Coming October 27th, 2012:  18 Uhr
An exhibition featuring modern masters of Auto Design and Life Style Photography.

Galerie am Brüsseler Platz has selected the artworks of Camilo Pardo, David Hilton and Laurent Nivalle for presentation on October. 27Th 2012.  The exhibition called “ART FAIR meets Cars and Glamour : Sexy from the rear-view” takes a look into the realm of auto design and photography through the eyes of artists and industry professionals. In this context, Galerie am Brüsseler Platz proudly presents limited edition prints by Pardo, original auto art by Hilton and Life Style photography by Nivalle.


Named head of exterior design for Bentley, Hilton ran his own successful design firm for 12 years before accepting the position with the ultra-luxury automaker. He will now report to Dirk van Braeckel, director of design and styling. Hilton is stepping into the shoes of Raul Pires, who left the company at the end of last year to join forces with Italdesign, the Volkswagen-owned design studio.

Hilton has over two decades of automotive design experience under his belt, having worked with companies from Ford to Volkswagen. The last-generation Ford Focus RS is among his notable accomplishments.

Laurant Nivalle
Laurent Nivalle

A French National living in Paris who was born in 1973. He spent five years studying Product Design. During his time studying, he discovered the works of Neville Brody, David Carson, Attik Agency and Vaughan Oliver, which helped develop his interest in visual culture. Since 2000, he has worked as a Graphic Designer at Citroën’s Creative Styling Centre within the Colors and Materials department, specializing in colors and materials design, 3D Graphics, filmmaking and photography.

Camilo- Pardo
Camilo- Pardo - Artist

A native New Yorker who says he knew at a young age that both art and automotive design were his career path.To follow the dream, he enrolled at the Center for Creative Studies in Detroit where he graduated and was granted the Industrial Design Society of America Merit Award in 1985. Immediately following his graduation, he joined Ford’s design staff in Dearborn, keeping an easy commute to his downtown Detroit art studio and apartment, where he still lives and works on his other artistic endeavors in his spare time.

Impression from the Exhibition

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