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Attrap Reves Hotel – France | The Ooutdoor Bubble Tent

At French hotel network Attrap’Rêves, transparent “bubble” rooms let you experience nature from the comfort of your own private fish bowl. The bare minimum of material means maximum interaction with nature.

The large plastic inflated rooms are the brainchild of designer Pierre Stephane Dumas, who aimed to create a comfortable space that is barely distinguishable from nature. The rooms are four metres in diameter and are inflated by recycled air using a silent blower.

Sleep under the stars without venturing outside. ATTRAP’RÊVES invites you to an unusual and romantic type bubble. A cosmic and poetic experience and an unforgettable souvenir for both of you.A tinted and romantic cocoon for a marriage proposal, an anniversary or an original gift. A queen size bed with panoramic views of the surrounding countryside… Alone with Mother Nature!At nightfall, contemplate the milky way! Everything here is designed not to close your eyes! Hush, here’s the moon showing its face…INSIDERS TIP: Remember, people can see inside your clear bubble.





The Attrap’Rêves hotel now has fives scenic locales – Allauch, Forcalquier, Puget Ville, La Bouilladisse and Montagnac, with bubbles placed in high pine forests, rolling prairies, picturesque harbours and at the base of towering mountains.