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Classic Days on Castle Dyck – The Car Enthusiasts Event

The Classic Days at Schloss Dyck are relatively new, but have quickly been established as a leading classic car meeting. Initially, there may have been comparisons to the famous Goodwood Revival, but over the years the Classic days meeting has developed a character and flair of its own. Classic Days Schloss Dyck is the finest concours in this country, and it combines the presentation of exquisite and interesting historic cars like Pebble Beach, with a little opportunity for a thrash of historic racecars like the Rolex Monterey Motorsport Revival. The cars can be shown, they cannot be raced. But that is not really a problem, since the big charm is in the showgrounds themselves: an big old castle with a pleasant appearance and beautiful gardens around it.

There’s a noticeable British influence here as well, which is not unrelated to the Brits’ own military service in this country, plus the Germans’ well-known love of upper-class British living. Here at Schloss Dyck, there are certainly plenty of those big, old pre-war Bentleys, and some Brits insist that this event has been patterned after the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

The largest allocation of real estate here is devoted to ordinary car clubs. About 2,000 vehicles are part of Classic Days Schloss Dyck, and these cars presented by ordinary people represent the best show on the site. They certainly contribute hugely to the laid-back and happily egalitarian atmosphere. Never mind Pebble Beach and Goodwood; we like the low-price ticket of $50 and the brat ’n’ beer lunch from the food tents.