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Paul Parry founder of Bad Dog Designs creates wonderfully unique, imaginative and bespoke clocks that feature Nixie tube displays to indicate the time. A long forgotten 1950´s valve technology, which used to serve as displays in test equipment, industrial machinery, medical and military equipment. Not quite forgotten by electronics veterans, and much-loved for their retro appeal, nixie tubes were ubiquitous in hardware from the 1950s and 1960s but have since been replaced by LCD and OLED display technology. Designer Paul Perry has made them an essential part of his unique and extraordinary ” Steampunk like” creations. Paul gained international recognition for creating some of the most beautiful, best and complex Nixie construction!

Started in 2014, Paul has already created a large catalogue of products. He has been commissioned to make timepieces for specific customers, such as the Gemini clock for a dental practice in Singapore, and received enquiries from the Dr Who fanclub, employees of Disney and Apple and Steampunk fans. Clocks can take anything from a few evenings to three months to finish.

Paul Parry Nixie Tubes
Paul Parry Nixie Tubes

What are nixie tubes

Nixie tubes are glass vacuum-like bulbs containing a neon gas and ten wire cathodes in the shape of numerals sitting beside an Anode mesh. When power is applied to one of the cathodes, the gas around them becomes ionized and glows. Nixie tubes continued to be used as standard display components in Russia and Eastern Europe until the 1990s. While no longer in production, there are still some small stocks left.

As there are only so many nixie tubes left in the world, there are only so many clocks to be made. At some point supplies will run out, but until that day Bad Dog Designs is helping to keep the nixie cathode glowing – and who knows, as their rarity increases then the exclusivity of Paul’s products could eventually make them priceless!

Nixie Tube
Nixie Tube

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In order to realize your extraordinary, individual ideas, contact Paul and he will help you develope and produce very special items in accordance with your specifications and wishes.