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Cyryl Zakrzewski

Born in 1986, an artist believing that every form is a piece of art, however the closer to nature the better. Graduated with honors from the Sculpture and Space Activities department of the University of Arts in Poznań in 2011.

Zakrzewski has taken part in numerous exhibitions, both in Poland and abroad (Japan, Italy, Slovenia, Austria). He’s known for permanent art installations in public space located in Poznań (the botanical garden and Strzeszyńskie lake), Japan (Tokio – Fukudenkai), and Slovenia (Ptuj). He considers design as both an aesthetic and utilitarian form, yet one not neccesarily devoid of reflexion on the world around us.

“The art is for me in the form of opposites, so that the boundaries between them are obliterated. Nature and culture, light and darkness are in fact one. “


Lighting Objects created by Cyryl Zakrzewski

Bespoke Design & Concept Furniture

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