Automotive Design Expert - Artist - Interior Designer

About David Hilton

David Hilton is an Automotive -Product Designer and Artist based in Cologne, Germany. Starting out as a Car Designer after University in 1991, he has worked for over 20 different Auto and Product design firms on various projects around the world.

Mr. Hilton has extensive experience in the luxury and hyper exotic sectors within the Design and customer experience worlds. Bringing world class Design to both mass and individual clients is Mr. Hilton’s talent and passion. The execution of interior spaces is a parallel adjunct to his capabilities. With a strong knowledge of how to bring projects into realization, he enjoys creating functional beauty in a professional, customer based methodology.

Art and Interior Design – bespoke production and consulting

While working as a successful Auto Designer, David Hilton also enjoys creating ‘space designs’ for individuals and customer clients. His Artworks are yet another creative avenue for his talents.
Bringing extensive experiences of executing Design Programs to Customers is what guarantees the success of his projects. Predicting what will go wrong or right, while guiding a creative vision for the customer is paramount.

The Art & Design by David Hilton

Showroom Items by David Hilton