Design Elements - and Furniture made from carbon fibre.

Essence of Strength

Essence of Strength draws on the combined talents of Kristian Arens, a highly experience industrial and superyacht designer with expertise in advanced composite materials together with Clive Johnson, a seasoned entrepreneur with a track record in delivering highly bespoke advanced composite products for ultra-high-net-worth individuals including the world’s two largest carbon composite sailing rigs.

This hugely experienced partnership has the passion and ambition to design bespoke and truly iconic contemporary furniture using a mix of ultra-modern carbon composites married with exquisite wood and leather bespoke artisan finishes.

Whilst most current furniture designers and manufacturers use carbon predominately as an aesthetic and decorative feature, the highly experienced duo behind Essence of Strength have, for the first time, produced a range of furniture that embraces and celebrates the extraordinary structural properties of carbon fibre, which would not be practical, if at all possible, in more traditional materials.

Each piece of bespoke Essence of Strength furniture uses up to 8 manufacturing processes to produce including intricate material layup, vacuum bagging, autoclave curing, hand lacquering and polishing plus the artisan hand-crafted custom finishes in leather and wood.

Mr. Kristian Arens and Mr. Clive Johnson
Mr. Kristian Arens and Mr. Clive Johnson

Essence of Strength’s - EOS chaise lounge

Essence of Strength’s AERO bench

Essence of Strength’s Cobra High Stool

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