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Forgotten Future of Paris by Laurent Kronental – Architectural Photography

Forgotten Housing Estates Of Paris Documented By Laurent Kronental

From the 1950s to the 1980s, Paris was booming. Foreign migration and urbanisation of the city caused a huge surge in population and a crisis for housing. France’s solution came in the form of vast housing projects and so during this period massive, modernist and really quite unique estates sprung up across the city. Local photographer Laurent Kronental has become fascinated by the ‘ambitious and dated modernist features’ of these estates, known locally as ‘Grands Ensembles’. Since 2011 he has developed ‘Souvenir d’un Futur’, a series of stunning photographs documenting these neglected communities and capturing what he calls ‘the poetry of ageing environments’. “He felt a need to examine their living conditions and shed light over a sometimes-neglected generation. Exposing these unsung and underestimated suburban areas is a means to reveal the poetry of aging environments slowly vanishing, and with them, the memory of modernist utopia.