Helicopter Hotel

A retired helicopter, which was bought at an Ministry of Defence auction, has been transformed into a glamping pod. The 17m (56ft) Royal Navy Sea King was bought by Stirling farmer Martyn Steedman for £7,000.

He has now had it converted into a holiday home, complete with a shower room and mini kitchen, which can sleep a family of six.The helicopter retired from active service in 1994 and was used in naval training until 2002. The idea for the conversion came to Mr Steedman and his wife Louise following the Sea Kings’ final fly past over Stirling earlier this year, which marked the end of active service for the entire fleet.

Many of the Sea King’s original features have been retained inside, except for the sonar station which was removed and donated to The Helicopter Museum in Weston-super-Mare, to make way for a shower room and mini-kitchen. The toilet is now located where the sonar operator once sat. From the cockpit, holidaymakers can enjoy panoramic views over the Carse of Stirling. The flight deck has been refitted with swivel seats and a table made from an old fuel tank cover.