The Iron Fairies Bangkok

The Iron Fairies | Hong Kong

Ashley Sutton has opened his third, highly anticipated Hong Kong bar, The Iron Fairies. With sister locations in Bangkok and Tokyo, this bar is undoubtedly unlike anywhere else in the city. Sutton’s establishments are known for mind-blowing, jaw-dropping, eclectic decor, and The Iron Fairies is no exception. Indeed, this is one bar you’ve got see in person to believe. The Iron Fairies Hongkong  is conceived mainly from his first Iron Fairies in Bangkok which was Ashley Sutton’s first debut project as an interior designer. Sutton’s works are inspired from his days working at an underground iron-ore mine in Western Australia. The ceiling is flooded with 10,000 butterflies, all their natural elements preserved. The furniture inside the bar also adds to its mystery. With furnaces and little private drinking rooms with rustic furniture, the bar exudes both elegance and charm.

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