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Luxurious Dream villa out of wood

The main building, constructed entirely of pine logs (exterior and interior walls), is a great place to relax and recover from the stress of everyday life. The location amidst the historic landscape park between the foothills of Rhön, Vogelsberg and the Spessart Nature Park offers a lot of variety for the host

Villa Ramholz is a 21st century building. It is not the copy of a classic building, but something very special through the targeted synthesis of several architectural styles. Modern and classical have cleverly flowed into a building design. The imposing log cabin villa is a single homage to the material wood. The entire main building has been built in block-beam construction. For this purpose, pine logs were selected, which were “hacked” on the outside. By hacking the block beams creates the unmistakable look of traditional wooden construction.

The Villa Ramholz is a house with rough edges and confidently shows its unique character. There are only a few buildings in the world that have been built so consistently in this construction. It primarily serves a single purpose: to offer the occupant as much comfort as possible in a generously dimensioned room. And at the same time, comfort is the highest premise here. There is no need to do without it: State-of-the-art building technology (biomass boilers, exhaust air heat exchangers, dehumidification, etc.) ensures a good climate and lowers operating costs