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Aircraft Window Shelf

Boeing 747

Concrete Chair

Custom Motorcycle Tank

Your personal engraving for your Motorcycle

Custom Whirlpool from Aircraft Turbine


designed by Ryszard Mańczak


Katana Desk

Fahrenheit Executive Desks


Fahrenheit Executive Desks

EOS Cobra carbon stool by Essence of Strengths

The Cobra High Stool by Essence of Strength’s

Bespoke Carbon Fibre Furniture

Liternity – Lucentury

OLED lamp made completely from carbon.

Liternity – Victory

Victory is the first OLED table lamp made completely from carbon.

Champagne Bucket – Fiochi

Acrylic Glass with golden flakes

Extravagant Spherical Fireplace

Marine Mine Fireplace by Mati Karmin

Carbon Bath Tube

Carbon Vessel by Splinter Works

Suspending Carbon Fibre Bathtube

Dreirund by BETONPUNK

Concrete Design Bespoke Furniture

Petrified Wood Hand Basin

Vasca Barca

Designed by Poirier produced by Antonio Lupi