Almost looking like a furniture translation of The Rolling Stone’s iconic ‘Lips and Tongue‘ insignia, the above pictured sofa is christened as the Grazia. Conceived by Polish designer Ryszard Mańczak, the soft cushioned conception according to the designer symbolizes – ‘the form of a boat floating on a wave resembling the contour of lips’. In essence, the overall curvaceous form of the furniture does allude to the sensuous side of affairs, which is complemented by the gorgeously black hued seat (contrasting with the ‘lip’ support in white colored composition).

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A double sofa in the designer’s intention was to refer to the boat thrown by the sea ashore. However, the wavy outline line gave her the appearance of a woman’s mouth. This association strengthens the name given to it.

The housing of the sofa is made of painted MDF. Soft seat covered with wool fabric. Ideally suited to various types of space – residences, modernly arranged lofts and apartments.

The sofa was at its premiere during the Tortona Design Week in Milan at the Temporary Museum For New Design in 2012, qualified for the exhibition, among others by Giulio Cappellini, world-renowned designer. Her photo was published by among the most interesting objects of the exhibition.

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