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KATANA desk derives from the fascination of Japanese aesthetics and the Samurai sword in particular. This exquisite and captivating executive desk expresses the core of Samurai values, such as integrity and the striving for excellence and perfection.

The top of the KATANA desk, made entirely from solid wood, is designed as if it were sliced by one precise movement of a Samurai sword. The perfection of its shape and make were possible thanks to the highest rank of craftsmanship, experience and devotion of our artisans.

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The drawers compartment is an interpretation of a modern Japanese pagoda. Its unconventional shapes are nuanced to the detail by long hours of precise milling and manual fine shaping.

The stainless steel embellishments resulted from exploration of the Japanese calligraphy writing system. Made entirely of solid stainless steel blocks, these sophisticated shapes represent the most advanced and finest level of artistic metallurgy, achieved only by the real masters.

The zenithal devotion to detail is reflected also in the insides of the drawers. They offer a large number of discreet compartments and numerous partitions composed inside the unconventionally shaped drawers – all to better serve and please their owner.


DESIGN Ewa Gruda
MATERIALS walnut, maple, ebony
mirror polished stainless steel,
genuine leather
FINISH steel brown semi matt lacquer and natural oil
DIMENSIONS L250 x W90 x H75 cm / L 98 x 35,4 x 29,5 in
WEIGHT 290 kg / 640 lb
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