ZETTA is a result of exhaustive hours spent on the search for a perfect combination of ultra modern distinctive design with a touch of traditional cabinetry. Taking its inspirations from early modernism and Bauhaus style architecture it translates them to its own individual and unique design concept.

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Dynamically pronounced, high-gloss stainless steal bases along with the walnut “flying-top” create yet another expressive combination and makes ZETTA’s design unique and unmistakably recognizable.

Ergonomic and comfort qualities were equally as important as an attractive design, so there are perfectly arranged drawer compartments facing the chair and thus creating the owner’s comfort zone.

Every single detail is custom designed to give zetta an individual character.

Despite being made of solid luxury wood and steel it retains a lightweight form factor, furthermore ZETTA offers nine, well organized and beautifully finished drawers, further enhanced by the implementation of some additional discreetly hidden compartments, accessible only by the privy owner.

Despite its very modern look, ZETTA is a fully handmade product. It is a result of hundreds of work hours of Fahreheit’s skilled craftsmen and their eagerness to explore new technologies and cope with the most demanding and innovative cabinetry tasks. In ZETTA they certainly rose to the occasion and exceeded all expectations.


DESIGN Ewa Gruda / Piotr Mróz
MATERIALS walnut, ebony
mirror polished stainless steel, nickeled brass
carbon fiber, genuine leather
FINNISH natural gentle gloss lacquer
DIMENSIONS L255 x W90 x H76 cm / L 110 x 35 x 30 in
WEIGHT 220 kg / 485 lb
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