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Tradeshow 100% Design London 2017 Impressions

100% Design is the largest and longest running design trade event for industry professionals in the UK. First staged in 1995, the show is the cornerstone event of the London Design Festival, with over 27,000 visitors to the show across 4 days in September; taking place in one of London’s most inspiring venues, Olympia London. Visiting the award-winning show is a unique audience of architects, designers, specifiers, retailers and developers, as well as multinational companies looking to source directly for their latest projects.

I visited the 100% Design Tradeshow London for the first time and want to give you a quick look arround and some impressions from the tradeshow. Im sorry for that shaky camera, I didnt expect such a bad stabilizer from this sony actioncam. I hope you enjoy the clip anyway. The 100% Design is a quite small show, compared to events like IMM Cologne or Maison Object Paris. But this might makes this event so special. You can see everything within the same day, because  this event was held just in the main hall of the Olympia London Location and its upper surroundings.

You can see a wide range from single material supplier and small companies up to established design brands. And its not supposed to be focused on interior design. I remember the United Kingdom as the country of creators and inventers, of craftsman and artisans and therefore there were less extraordinary companies from the UK  on board. But still a few interesting ones to take a closer look at.

Extraordinary Carbon Fibre Furniture

Essence of Strength

Created by the British industrial designer, Kristian Arens, the debut collection of ” Essence of Strength” comprises a Chaise Longue, a range of carbon Aero Benches and the Cobra High Stool. The products contrast novel carbon fibre technologies with hand crafted leather and wood additions. The furniture has been manufactured using a mix of highly skilled composites experts and artisan craftsmen for the custom finishes. The stunning, contemporary furniture uses natural curves to deliver inherent strength while the advanced composite materials enable cantilevered forms that defy normal design parameters to support varying human postures.
The designs are a true engineering accomplishment, delivering simplistic, luxurious elegance.

Bolefloor / Boleform / Boledeck

Bolefloor makes very unique flooring for indoor and outdoor use.
I was amazed by their quite nice wooden table made of massive
wood slabs cutted and connected in order of their natural grown.
But their concept of bespoke flooring satisfied me even more.

Decorus Tubes

Decorus Tubes from Bremen Germany offers very extraordinary custom tubes. The company produces bespoke measured tubes in many sizes from small to quite big with custom patterns.  This innovative product and service will give new possibilities and advantages to architecture and product design.

ROOMIQUE STUDIOS will stay in touch with the Decorus Tubes to develope and offer new amazing art frames.

Upcycling on a new level

Thors - Design

THORS-DESIGN make unique tables from reclaimed antique wood for private, and commercial customers. All products are manufactured by order and are hand made. The Danish company uses mainly reclaimed wood from the Azobé tree. A significant part of their materials can be tracked back to bulwark from Knudshoved port. The wood is tested for any contaminants and it has been verified to contain only natural oils.

Object Studio

Object Studio bridges the gap between the creative world of design and the technological world of manufacture. Specialising in a wide range of materials and processes, Object Studio produces bespoke furniture and interior commissions alongside own editions of extraordinary designs.

Table designed by Tom Vaughan (

Wine Barrel Furniture

DUE – Discreet Charm Of elegance is a Poland based manufacturer of individual,  handmade furniture, mainly made of old Barrels and reclaimed wood.

Bicycle Frames made of Wood

Materia Bikes

Materia Bikes produces Bicycle Frames out of finest timber. The extraordinary frames are produced on demand and the geometry can be adjusted exactly to customers dimensions and whishes.

Nixie Tube Clocks

Bad Dog Designs

Bad Dog Design creates wonderfully unique, imaginative and bespoke clocks that feature Nixie tube displays to indicate the time.  A long forgotten 1950´s  valve technology.  It was a pleasure to meet Paul Parry himself at the show. He is one of those  rare genious talented and endless creative people who can take products to complete new level. Roomique is looking forward to showcase and distribute some of his totally unique steampunk-inspired creations.

Bespoke Nixie tubes Clocks

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