The Unique Tree Hotels in Sweden

While many of the units are very futuristic, the name of the game at Sweden’s Tree Hotel is undisturbed nature. All of the units have a very small footprint, but still manage to be the most unique tree houses on the planet. The large UFO suite looks like it is right out of the hit movie ET and is truly an out-of-this-World experience. Maybe out favorite tree house at the TreeHotel is the huge Mirror Cube which does the ultimate job of blending into nature. The mirrored sided made the solid structure almost seem invisible as it reflects the natural beauty around it. Don’t worry about birds hitting into the glass, as it is covered in a unique infrared film which keeps them from running into it. The TreeHotel also has a crate like cabin elevate over the valley, a huge bird’s nest, a suite that looks like it is made out of Legos, and a large family until in the shape of a dragon fly.

Cost Per Night: $680 per night, but the Dragon Fly 4 person room is $1100. They often have packages available for multi-day stays. Hotel Website: (HERE). Other Hotel Options: Check out our list of the best tree house hotels in the world.