Yakiniku Nikunotoriko Restaurant inspired by Nature’s Elements

Yakiniku Nikunotoriko, a superb two-story restaurant located in the Roppongi district of Tokyo. On the first and second floors of a newly constructed building, you will find a treat not only for the mouth but also for the eyes. The architect Ryoji Iedokoro integrated elements of nature into interior decorations. The dining room on the first floor looks like a cave, equipped with mirrors and glass tables to visually maximize the space. At the second level, he created a forest-like environment with upright metal pipes such as trees and gently sloping floors. 

The first floor features a long table in a cave-like setting. The second floor features semi-private floor seating with steel pipes mimicking trees acting as unobtrusive partitions. Completely different from conventional yakiniku restaurants, it’s as if you’re enjoying your meal in the middle of a quiet forest. The goal of this design project was to completely change customers’ images of what a yakiniku restaurant should be.

Traditionally, in Japan, emphasis is placed on the presentation of a meal with special care taken when selecting the bowls, plates and utensils to match not only the content of the meal but also things such as the seasons. The design of this yakiniku restaurant is an extension of this concept with the atmosphere itself being used to contribute to the dining experience.
Surrounded by friends and family in this unique environment, the memories of your experiences here are definitely the kind that will stay with you for a lifetime.